Evolve your leadership

Things are changing. You're growing, you're reorganising. You're shifting your position in the marketplace. You're taking a new position in your organisation. The status quo has become a limit and you're evolving beyond it.

Individual coaching

The evolving leadership work might be for you, either when you you specifically want to improve your skills at presenting, or want to more broadly work on inhabiting a bigger space as a leader. It could be that you're a senior leader, it could be that you're stepping into a new role at work, it could be that you're unexpectedly leading an organisation or a movement and you know it's time to step up.

Team coaching

This might be for your team when they want to improve their presentations, or more broadly if they want to rev up their culture and ability to think together.

Maybe your team are taking on an ambitious new project or they're assuming a new role in your company or in the marketplace and they actively want to get better. They know it's time, and they need new support and new resources to do it differently.

Organisational consulting

This might be for your organisation if it's time you walked your talk more, either in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion, or even reinventing your culture from the ground up (#teal anyone?).

Perhaps you have a catalytic event when you need to spark change, either within your organisation or community, and bring together a diverse group of people to think broadly and well together.

If you want to become a beacon of velocity, creativity and innovation, everyone needs to be more wholly themselves, and that doesn't happen overnight. It's time for a new workplace culture, so you can get new results.

I'm Andrew Lightheart. I'm a leadership development specialist, presentation coach and bestselling author of Presentation Now. I work with individuals, teams and organisations who know it's time to evolve their leadership.