100 leadership chats

Following the lead of Desiree Lynn Adaway and Shenee Howard, I’m having 100 chats about leadership. Please share far and wide! 

I’d like to know:

- What do you think makes a good leader?

- Do you consider yourself as a leader?

- What gets in the way of you being a better leader?

I’d particularly like to talk to you if you don’t think you fit a conventional ‘leader’ mould.

So much leadership stuff is exclusively straight white cis men. Not my stuff. Queer/Trans/Non-Binary/Person of Colour? Let’s talk.

 And, yes, if you're straight/cis/white/a man I still want to talk to you too! 

There are two options:

(a) 30 mins where we chat about the three questions above.

(b) An extra 20/30 minutes where you let me practice talking about the post-heroic/leadership evolution work I’m researching right now. Like a private mini-webinar, I suppose… NOT in ANY WAY a secret sale pitch - just me harping on about my current nerdy obsession.

(Means you don’t have to read the 10 books that lay out all the science - you get it pre-processed as I work on putting it into understandable words…)

If you’d just like the 30 min chat, book here:


If you’d like the chat AND find out about some interesting leadership stuff, book in here:


We’ll do some combination of Skype/Hangout/Zoom/phone or if you’re in Birmingham UK, maybe even, dun dun DUN, face-to-face! 

Book in please! Share please!