Leadership chat 12

Leadership chat no.12 of #100leadershipchats was with a storyteller, coach, writer, improv person and a Taekwondo black belt.

We talked about:

- leadership as a sense of the big picture, of power that attracts

- how leaders build you up, connect people and energise

- how you might be a good leader without being a good manager of detail (especially for people with ADD)

- how giving too much credence to every voice, even naysayers, can mean stuff doesn't get done

- how anyone who calls themself a thought leader or a guru needs to be avoided. 

There was so much in our ensuing conversation about the work I'm exploring about leadership evolution that connects with martial arts - being able to let go, to hold a space, to apply lessons from one sphere widely...

I've also opened the gates to an onslaught of tangentially connected articles and suggested authors which I love as I want to be casting my conceptual net wide!