Leadership chat 15

Chat 15 of #100leadershipchats was a whole 'nother world. 

This is someone who has gone from science, through Theatre of the Oppressed, to somatic embodied work, and is synthesising all three. 

We talked about how great leadership can be about warmth, openness, a sense of self, implicit and explicit transparency, congruence and spaciousness. 

They said they felt it difficult to claim the title of leader, having been programmed to think "leader = old white men who control". That they were finding a way to lead outside the leader/follower binary. 

All of their barriers to leadership can be traced to misogyny and the white patriarchy - all of their self-doubt comes from there. 

Support to being a better leader comes for them from therapy, community and working in a space that has integrity in its very core. 

I tell you what, this conversation went deep, fast, and stayed there! This person even helped me find a possible link between the leadership evolution work and how it's linked to (deconstructing) the patriarchy. YESSSS. 💙