Leadership chat 9

Chat no.9 of #100leadershipchats was with a corporate leader turned successful coach.

We talked about:

- flipping the traditional triangle so the leader is at the bottom

- how much we deal with shadow stuff through our work relationships, and how that's even more important for leaders to work with through

- that self-leadership emanates out - the importance of psychological safety

- why it's important not to treat adaptive challenges as if they were technical problems

- that it's important to create an environment where answers can be found

- how it's can be hard to identify as a leader when you think of it as having power over someone and you think of yourself as more of an advocate

- that they always had "leadership" job titles but never felt empowered

- the connection between leadership and visibility and avoiding distasteful practices

This person had already studied the field I'm looking at so we were able to use the full hour to cover a lot of ground... So much so we had to force ourselves to cut the conversation short. 

So much to think about especially the impact of internal work... 😍