Leadership coaching

Hey you. I see you, leading. Leading a team, a project, an organisation. A movement?

Is it a presentation you need help with? Have a look at presentation coaching.

It can be difficult, sometimes, to live up to people’s expectations. People need so much from you, but inside, it’s a bit more, er, chaotic at times, right?

Knowing which decisions to make, how to communicate difficult stuff to sometimes-difficult people. And the emails, the meetings, the kind of public persona you have to inhabit.

It can feel like you never catch a breath.

Not that you don’t love your job, and believe you’re doing something good. You know you’re doing your best, but, sheesh is it hard.

Well, with me, you have someone who is completely in your corner. And dedicated time for you to just think. And process. And maybe offload.

I’m a huge advocate for you when we’re together, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gently challenging. Because I believe in your potential. In your growth. In your evolution as a leader.

So if you feel like you’d like some regular time to do the strategic thinking you know you’ve got to do, and more importantly, the personal values alignment you know your work needs, I’m here.

Working with me is like borrowing some extra insight (and steadiness and compassion) when you need it.

I give you extra processing power, both by giving you my brain and my heart to look at what’s in front of you and what’s ahead of you and find your way forward. Sometimes we’ll zoom out to long time horizons and systemic impact and your role in the world, other times we’ll zoom in on the detail of a meeting or conversation that’s in your face.

When we’re working together, you have unlimited access to me.

We'll meet on the phone/Zoom (and face-to-face if we’re geographically close). What that tends to look like is meeting up every couple of weeks for 90 minutes or so and we talk. Well, mainly you talk and I listen.

I listen for structure, for patterns, for when you’re being most you - and gently question areas where I suspect you’re not paying enough attention. (I’ve got a super handy calendar booking link where you just book the time straight into my calendar - as far in advance as you want.)

I know you’re not scared of feelings and neither am I - in fact, they’re a vital part of your life as a leader.

I can be an accountability partner too - but never in a guilt-making way. Sometimes clients like to keep in touch via What’s App or text - I even text one client mindfulness reminders so that they appear on their Apple watch!

If you’ve got something particularly intense coming up, you can book longer or more frequent sessions - whatever support is right. It’s up to me to say if it ever gets too much - it never has turned out that way as my clients tend to be super-busy anyway and I block my time out when I need it - so things all balance out in the end.

Some coaches are a bit funny about giving advice but if you want it, I’ll weigh in at times. Especially if there’s an idea from group dynamics or conflict resolution or something that I think will benefit you. I’ll give you reading homework if that’s your thing, or just explain useful concepts and frameworks to you…

I don’t coach via a particular methodology but constantly draw from a variety of stuff I’ve metabolised along the way. I’m a total nerd about so many aspects of group and individual life - you get the results of my metabolising!

So if you suspect this might be the right time for you, get in touch.

We'll book in a 30-minute chat to check if we both feel it's right.

If we both want to go ahead, we'll agree a fee - probably for three months to begin with - and I'll invoice you in whatever way works (PayPal, Purchase Order, bank transfer...)

You pay, you book in sessions and we start!